Mohamad El-Husseini

Mohamad El-Husseini

A seasoned technology professional with 20 years of experience building for the web. A startup founder (with dev chops) and product guy. Former CTO. Currently Head of Product at Obramax.
Amateur cook and maker of Mohamad's World Famous Hummus™.


I love imagining and building products, and I have a track record of delivering innovation. I love writing code too. I enjoy Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I have a serious crush on Elixir.

Stuff I've Shipped

Nimbus Workspaces
Ruby on Rails / Heroku

I co-founded and developed Nimbus Workspaces, a SaaS document management web application for construction companies and architects.

Bolão Social
Ruby on Rails / MongoDB

A social score-guessing game I wrote for the World Cup. Over 1k games, 200k predictions, and an infinite amount of banter were shared during its short life.

Ruby on Rails / Heroku

An experimental social blogging platform written in Ruby on Rails and heavily inspired by early versions of Medium.


An open source and lightweight extensible Natural Language Processor written in Ruby and features its own nifty website.


Gibran is a Natural Language Processor I wrote in Elixir. It's a port of WordsCounted with a bucket load of extra features.

Ruby Word Count

A small Sinatra website that demos some of the things you can do with my words_counted natural language processor.

About Me

I come from Baalbek, Lebanon. I grew up in Beirut and moved to London, England in my early teens.


I'm originally from here. They invented the alphabet, and they make the world's best hummus.


I grew up here. I made incredible friends, discovered Monty Python, Mr. Kipling pies, and the Arsenal Football Club.


I went to uni and worked here! I made some more incredible friends and unforgettable memories.


This is where I live! It's beautiful, sunny, and we have fabulous carnivals. Did I mention Rio?

Pro-Tip: I was born in Wari, Nigeria.

These days you'll find me with my family in Sāo Paulo, Brazil. I enjoy cooking, board games, and doting over my kids.