Mohamad El-Husseini

Mohamad El-Husseini

Hello, and welcome. I'm Mohamad, a passionate and curious product leader and creator, building tech to make the world a better place since the days of screechy dial-up modems.


I enjoy building things and solving problems, so I'm constantly trying to learn new skills and testing new tech. You can find my portfolio on GitHub. I hope you find it helpful.


I recently made two small games to learn OTP: A CLI game based on Wordle and a clone of Wordle in LiveView. Gameplay below.

Stuff I've Shipped

Nimbus Workspaces
Ruby on Rails / Heroku

A collaborative, freemium SaaS construction project management tool that helps companies execute their projects quickly and efficiently.

Bolão Social
Ruby on Rails / MongoDB

A social game I wrote for the World Cup. Over 1k games, 200k predictions, and an infinite amount of banter were shared during its life.

Ruby on Rails / Heroku

An experimental social blogging platform written in Ruby on Rails and heavily inspired by early versions of Medium.


An open-source and lightweight extensible Natural Language Processor written in Ruby and features a nifty web app.


Gibran is a Natural Language Processor I wrote in Elixir. It's a port of WordsCounted with a bucket load of extra features.

Ruby Word Count

A small Sinatra website that demos some of the things you can do with my words_counted natural language processor.


I'd like to think of myself as a citizen of the world: Born in Nigeria, I've lived in Lebanon, the UK, the US and Brazil.


I'm originally from here. They make the world's best hummus.


I grew up here. I made amazing friends and discovered Cadbury's chocolate!


I studied and worked here. I made more amazing friends and great memories.


I live here. It's a beautiful place with a warm culture.

These days you'll find me with my family in Sāo Paulo, Brazil. I enjoy 3D printing, LEGO, and doting over my kids.